One-to-one coaching  Cognitive coaching - As a trained coach I am able to work on topics, such as the  managers' personal development in the traditional form of cognitive, behavioural and  systemic coaching. This type of coaching is about confirming personal values and  inducing a development in the managers’ behaviour, such as e.g. the style of  management, listening qualities, communication, dealing with stress as well as the ability  to work in groups and in relationship management.  Identity coaching - Individual coaching is however more efficient when it refers to the  reasons for the personal barriers which are often connected to previous, traumatic events  or circumstances within the family system. Together with the executives I work with  neurolinguistic programming methods (NLP), emotional freedom technique (EFT) and  systemic constellations. These approaches cause a change in the person’s behaviour and  his convictions, and even address identity-forming elements, such as their psychological  defence system, their psychological injuries and their own professional history.  read more ... “team coaching” 
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