Executive development In connection with the LMU Munich and a large scale German automobile manufacturer,  Herrmann & Associates, which I cooperate with closely, developed the Challenge X®.  method for executive development in 2002.  This very pragmatic method based on the fundamental principles of complex systems  enables to address and deal with topics with the executives who have so far been ignored  or were off-limits, such as e.g. power, politics, insecurity and paradoxes. The “X” for  Challenge X® thereby stands for every participating executive including his personal  concrete challenge which he has to face within the company and which serves as the  practical field of work for implementing the principles referred to.  Since 2004 the Challenge X® method has been a main part of the “Leadership Education”  programme of the EADS Corporation and was awarded the “Global Human Resources  Innovation Prize” of the corporation in 2007.  Challenge X® is also applied by the Bavarian Academy of Palliative Medicine, an institution  addressing technical as well as human know-how, and which involves neither easy nor  preconceived solutions.  
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