Sparring partner for executives Leading restructuring and change processes is a complex and difficult task which requires  knowledge and experience of the technical as well as organisational, social and  psychological kind. Very often managers are faced with these challenges alone.  Working as a consultant in the so called “hard” factors (processes, structures) and the  “soft” factors (fears, obstacles, expectations, motivation) within change management for a  long time, I bring along very enriching experiences as a sparring partner for managers  affected.  In most cases my interventions concern several managers (usually 5 to 20) for a period of  six to twelve months, at first in bi-weekly, then monthly individual meetings during which  we discuss the most important topics of the change management. If necessary and  desired by the manager, these meetings may take on the nature of individual coaching or  they may lead to targeted interventions.  read more ... “one-to-one coaching” 
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