Emotions: Intervention techniques The consultants at he2be  accompany merger integrations and restructuring processes on the emotional level by referring to a pragmatic approach with the aim of a mental fusion of the  parties involved: the mentalmerger®  process. In this process the “emotional viruses” are  defined and treated in order to dissolve affective barriers opposed to joint work. Instead of  dictating certain behaviour, a realistic basis of trust is developed between the key persons,  and a constructive attitude towards the change and the challenges is triggered. The mentalmerger® process involves three phases: Phase 1 - Syndrome: emotional and cultural diagnosis  Identifying and naming emotional viruses in order to prevent the increase of emotional  barrier Confirming diagnoses of shared and differing practices and values as well as the quality  of relationships Developing a strategy for accelerating the implementation of the new corporate culture  or the change Phase 2 - Syntony: human integration  Creating an awareness of opportunities and risks of multicultural and relationship-  relevant mechanisms, in order to lift the barriers Addressing and acknowledging emotional viruses in order to create a realistic basis of  trust Multiplying interfaces between structures and old networks with the help of key persons Reaching the critical mass: the approval of 7% of the key persons permits a turnaround  in direction of mental fusion Phase 3 - Synergy: implementation of sustainability  Implementing a monitoring function for internal relationships: “mentalmerger®  management” Applying an alarm function to make the progress of integration or change measurable Training internal disseminators Providing tools for an optimisation of relationship management
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