The metaphor of “emotional viruses” The metaphor of “emotional viruses" is used by he2be, who I have closely cooperated with  for interventions in difficult contexts, such as hostile takeovers, complicated restructuring  and conflict-loaded international cooperations.  A company represents a social network in which certain topics, such as anxiety, conflicts  related to power and money, culturally based conflicts and personal interests, are often  off-limits. On a human level the employees of a company find themselves in a  permanently emotionally loaded context, since each one of them is faced with his personal  hopes and fears. If these hopes are not fulfilled or if the fears are triggered - for example  during change processes - “emotional viruses” may be freed, i.e. negative, often collective  emotions which shake up the quality of relationships and therefore also the basis of trust.  In such situations a purely rational and economic approach of a merger/restructuring will  only make the employees more insecure, and therefore creates the ideal climate for  activating “emotional viruses”. The more afraid the key persons are and the more they get  caught up in struggles for power, the more energy they will invest in their own survival.  By creating a realistic basis of trust for the persons involved, he2be supports them in  rather concentrating their energy on defining and achieving common goals. Inescapable  problems are solved in a professional manner and emotional viruses will no longer find a  favourable climate.   read more ... “my intervention techniques” 
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