Change and complexity  Change creates complex and various situations which are often contradictory or paradox.  Managers’ increased awareness of this complex reality can evoke ambivalent reactions  rendering the acting persons’ position ambiguous and their behaviour less predictable.  For the executive it becomes difficult to identify the different levers that are available for  action.  In order to achieve a greater understanding of the change process, it is necessary not to  view these contradictions and this ambivalence as logical errors, but rather as central  elements of the change process.  Knowing this ambivalence, the contradictions and the levers of power as well as  corporate politics, are of basic importance in complex organisational systems. The  armaments industry or technology fields that I am often employed in as a consultant,  deliver perfect examples:  national defence policy and industry political development,  internal corporate politics of the big corporations,  traditional economic considerations, also with respect to competitors  mix together and thereby create complex contexts which cannot be satisfied with  simplified answers or approaches.  read more ... “the limitations of traditional approaches” 
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