Complexity: Intervention techniques In the field of complexity, my colleagues at Herrmann & Associates  have been  cooperating with the “Complexity and management centre” of the University of  Hertfordshire and with Richard Pascale, author of numerous bestsellers, former professor  at Stanford University and Associate Fellow of Oxford University for many years.  Together we developed an approach referred to as “executive change” which enables  dealing with critical situations that are often ambiguous and complex for the companies,  as well as developing the managers’ ability to work efficiently within these contexts.  “Executive change” is based on the close cooperation with the managers affected  (coaching and consulting), on targeted interventions with the teams (meetings,  workshops, large group events) and non-conventional interactions with the members of  the board (group coaching, participating in “fishbowl” type workshops), instead of  traditional steering committee meetings. In this way we support executives in leaving  conventional paths of reflexion and behaviour, which are often not adapted to the  situation.  In a concrete example we extract four to six critical areas within a project. Within these  areas all of our interventions are geared towards the “hard” facts of change (processes,  structures), we however also integrate elements of coaching and further training of the  participants. This combination of hard and soft factors throughout an intervention enables  the managers affected to better understand and deal with the insecurities and conflicts  inherent to change, has proven to be extremely efficient.  Very often these interventions are completed and rounded off by a programme of further  education based on the methods of Challenge X®. Throughout this measure of further  training each of the participating managers integrates his concrete, highly personal  challenge, which he is confronted with in the change process, and which is used as his  working platform, in order to apply the principles referred to.  
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