Organisation: My expertise An independently working consultant cannot cover all organisational fields - even if he  closely cooperates with consulting firms and consulting networks. For this reason I have  specialised in three fields:  Mergers and integrations - My experiences in consulting in deregulated industries which  were involved in great upheavals in the form of mergers and acquisitions enabled me to  achieve a great knowledge in Post Merger Integration projects in Germany as well as on  an international level. In cooperation with my colleagues I have accompanied more than  ten projects of this kind throughout the last years.  Support and share services - Project management in different industries prompted me  to specialise my offer in organisational consulting in the support process of large industrial  and financial corporations, especially in shared services, such as computer services or  human resources.  Product development - My numerous projects in aeronautics and space technology as  well as industrial goods enabled me to gain profound knowledge in the field of product  development, especially in the definition and implementation of organisations which are  based on integrated product teams (IPTs).  read more ... “my intervention techniques” 
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