Succeeding at change ! The real challenge in developing a new strategy or organisation is its implementation. Successful change management can only be achieved if the entire inner complexity of organizations is included, which can hinder change or even cause it to fail: Fears and uncertainties, strong emotions Conflicts and tensions o Political context and power plays o Value and cultural conflicts o Tensions related to the past Ambiguities and contradictions in organizational changes For this reason, it is necessary to consider - along with the technical and organisational dimensions, - the social, political and (group) psychological aspects in order to understand the blockages that can develop during a change process. It is these overarching aspects and their complex interconnections within a change project that fascinate me and form the basis of my consulting work. The „10-minute books“ Executives rarely have time to read, and most books on management are only read by consultants or trainers. That's why I've written a series of "10-minute books" that give executives six A5 pages - about ten minutes of reading time - of useful information they can put into practice immediately. You can download the books HERE . Enjoy reading!
“The emotional corporation” Gabler publishing
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