What I do I am a management consultant specializing in change management and organisational consulting, working on projects related to Change management and transformation - The real challenge in developing a new strategy or organisation is implementing it. We pick people up where they are and show them viable paths to follow. We also ensure that the people involved get the support they need and develop the necessary skills. Our approach ensures that those affected understand and actively support the changes. ... more Organisational development and implementation - Agile organisations - The joint development of innovative and effective business models together with your top performers is a key factor for their subsequent implementation. Using tried and tested methods, e.g. our Change-Lab®, we support and accompany cross-functional project teams. As change agents, these teams form the core of our clients' new management culture... more Coaching and training - Changing a company naturally involves a change in processes and structures, but also a change in attitude and behavior of the individual employees and teams and, of course, the executives ... more French-German cooperation - I have supported numerous French-German teams during mergers or in complex cooperation projects ... more Post-merger-Integrations - Support of (intercultural) post-merger integration projects ... more