French-German-Cooperation I have assisted numerous Franco-German teams in mergers or complex cooperation projects, many in cooperation with JPB Conseil . With my colleague Bert Stegkemper, we offer the following services: Development of joint venture companies and assistance in the post-merger integration phase - We support your cooperation Structure and functioning of governance Concrete and measurable results in the affected business units and organizational units Increased motivation of stakeholders to work together Safeguarding leadership and implementation capabilities in new teams and structures Developing international teams such as supervisory boards, executive management, project teams, suppliers and institutions - We support your teams. Development of a real collaboration based on the strengths of individuals and making the best use of Franco-German complementarity Restarting the project and shortening its duration Reappraisal and acceptance of operating principles and processes Crisis and conflict management - We intervene when teams no longer work together. - Use the energy of conflict positively by focusing on results that benefit all of your team, your customers, your suppliers and therefore your company. Individual operational coaching of managers - Personal support in operational situations. We create bridges between individualities. The coachee addresses the "real" critical issues and can work on them Development of communication and team leadership and operational skills, based on concrete operational experiences Creation of a positive interaction Concrete procedural suggestions Training and seminars - We intervene in the context of concrete operational missions, because only the reflection of real experiences allows the sustainable integration of the acquired knowledge. Practical and easy to apply methods (basic rules, 80/20) Operative training: how to work together? What motivates? Which proven procedures work for which case? Concrete and quick results
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