The Change Lab ® : a platform for change In order to quickly develop a new, creative and feasible business model, we make use of a procedure that ensures the requirements of success: the Change Lab. The Change Lab is a physical place separated from daily business where the team members of the project meet approx. 3 days a week, every other week (approx. 30%-40% exemption). It provides a change platform which enables the team members to try out and experience the new and creative procedures. The team members originate from all main functional areas which are affected by the project. The team members are “change agents” and “entrepreneurs”, i.e. they distinguish themselves by means of great expert knowledge, creativity and readiness for risk, leadership abilities, external contacts as well the readiness to learn and social competency. Change Lab benefits - Due to the Change Lab team members can consequently disconnect from their current structures and working procedures in order to develop a radically new business model with the resulting improvements of revenues, quality, costs, service level and reaction rate. time is saved in comparison with a traditional approach, since the current state of knowledge of the company / business division is present and immediately available within the Change Lab. Therefore a target model can be quickly developed in a goal-oriented way. the feasibility and practicability of the new business model is guaranteed by the team members. The most important requirements for a fast and successful implementation of the new business model are provided by including the high performers of the main functional areas and due to a high acceptance in the whole company. Change Lab methodology - In developing the new business model the team members are equipped and supported with the following “tools”: People - Ongoing "high performance team" training and coaching Build up of a team that distinguishes itself by means of a search for challenges and exceeding expectations as well as Development of team members who feel responsible for and actively support one another Team members “Cross-functional team composition", i.e. the consideration of all corporate areas (and customers) increases the acceptance and ensures an holistic approach "Team members are entrepreneurs and change agents", i.e. the team members implement the new business model throughout the whole company as “entrepreneurs” and “change agents”. Framework conditions - The lab provides a safe environment which encourages to “try out” and enables to “experience” the new business models: physical requirements: e.g. telephone, workstation, printer, etc. organisational / cultural requirements: e.g. exemption from daily business, club atmosphere, anxiety-free space, mistakes are permitted, etc. Principles and tools "Thinking-from-the-outside-to-the-inside": customer requirements determine the reorientation "Thinking-from-right-to-left": determining goals and features of performance of a new business model in advance, while the as-is analyses are only applied in terms of quantification and for describing the gap of potential between the new business model and today’s as-is situation "Time boxing": creating time pressure for focussing on the most important "80/20 rule": the first 20% of the time generate 80% of the results - 80% accuracy are sufficient "Iterative approach": detailed elaboration of the controlling model by means ofsame-time precisioning of all model components and continuous feedback of the previously learned in the ongoing elaboration. This principle of procedure considerably differs from traditional project management and enables a targeted project flow, despite the complexity of the aspirated changes. It especially facilitates overcoming resistances and avoids “silting up effects”. We applied and further developed this change management principle with a lot of success worldwide. Formation et coaching continus aux principes des équipes performantes: ("High Performance Teams").